“More than participating in a competition children need to be connected; need a relationship. Children like to know that they are part of something bigger.”

SPORTS2HOPE will work to create a value frame in sports, making each child understand that the value they have will not depend on their ability to win competitions.”

*We want to teach every child that identity is not limited to the victories they may have, but to their purpose of existence. We want to establish in each of them the sense of meaning.”

“Our goal is to work to strengthen one of the main values ​​of the sport: the team spirit, the union capable of overcoming the impossible “.



Sports2hope is a nonprofit organization which has the goal to:

  • 1 – Promoting programs and projects, through sports, which in addition to provide healthy exercises to youth, seeks to create a conscience of love for the least, the last and the lost in the third world countries – helping the children of poor communities to gain their dignity and develop a sense of self value and citizenship;

  • 2 – Raising funds via sports events; the attained resources are to be applied in social projects in needy communities of the third world , targeting specifically the needy children and their families who are living in risky and vulnerable circumstances.


Schools of soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, and other sports held with boys and girls in the ages of 7 to 16 years. Activities developed throughout the month of July. A time of relationship, reflection and training and Bible study.


Sport projects with underprivileged children, carried out with the aim of promoting physical development and the restoration of children's dignity.


Project developed at junior and high school level, with the objective of developing a social awareness about the role of this new generation in the transformation of the world.


Promotion of sporting events such as races, games and scavenger hunts, with the aim of promoting the cause of SPORTS2HOPE and raising funds to support projects.
Children and adolescents
programs and projects
More than being part of the crowd

“you can get on the field with SPORTS2HOPE in favor of life!”

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