Mission and Purpose

“Do you not know that those who run in the stadium, all actually run, but only one takes the prize? Run in such a way that you can reach it. ”
1 Corinthians 9:24


More than participating in a competition children need to be connected; need a relationship. Children like to know that they are part of something bigger.
*Sports to Hope will work to create a value frame in sports, making each child understand that the value they have will not depend on their ability to win competitions. We want to teach them, their identity is not limited to the victories they may have, but to their purpose of existence. It is not just a concept of value based on their performances or achievements in sports; goes beyond. We want to establish in each of them the sense of Purpose, of meaning.
We want to give them a solid foundation for something you endures for ever!


Our goal is to work to strengthen one of the main values ​​of the sport: the team spirit, the union capable of overcoming the impossible. With this focus, we want to teach this generation to overcome individualism, selfishness and numbness with the pain of others; evils that lead to the waste and exploitation of the poorest and weakest.
For this, we also want to involve athletes and former high-performance professional athletes. We want to challenge them to leave for this generation a legacy that does not rust or is eroded by time, like medals or trophies: a legacy that remains beyond ephemeral glories; a legacy capable of permanently changing lives. These champions athletes in their categories, will share their experiences, will teach the young, how a united team is able to inspire each other.