I firmly believe that sport is the best strategy for human promotion and social transformation. Throughout my life, as one of the founders of Atletas de Cristo and Municipal Secretary of Sports in Belo Horizonte, one of the cities in Brazil with more than 2 million inhabitants, I was able to witness the strength of sport to educate and consolidate life and citizenship values.

There are many professional and high-performance athletes who have had their social ascension through sport. In the Brazilian soccer team, there are dozens of players who have gone from a life of deprivation and poverty to a dignified life.

SPORTS2HOPE was created with the aim of bringing hope and life to thousands of children around the world, today condemned to an uncertain future and marginalization.

At the other end, it is part of the organization’s portfolio to work for the awakening and formation of a generation with new values ​​of social responsibility, and we also do this through sports projects.

We also believe that no genuine transformation takes place without the wonderful touch of God’s love, which is why all SPORTS2HOPE’s actions are anchored in Jesus’ universal law of love for others.

I invite you to be part of this great dream of rescuing the hope and joy of thousands of children.

Become a SPORTS2HOPE partner!

Join the field with us to help thousands of children win the main competition of their lives: the game against misery, marginalization and premature death.

Open your mouth for those who cannot defend themselves, especially those who are weak and poor and cannot take care of themselves.
Proverbs 31: 8

Dervy Gomes

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